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Dr. Mohammed Saeed

  • Professional Educator, Strategist, and Visionary Leader
  •  Former University President
  • Convergent Thinker and Problem Solver
  • Experienced Academic and Researcher
  • Co-Founder and Director of SPECS

Mohammed Saeed is a dedicated, resourceful, professional academic, researcher, and administrator with proven track record of excellent leadership and managerial experience that promote quality educational best practice and advancement. He is a visionary leader with superior strategic acumen and a clear sense of purpose and urgency. Innate ability to rapidly assess situational challenges and implement action plans for effective data-informed outcome-led solutions.

As a Director of SPECS – Sustainable Premium Education Consultancy Services-, Professor Saeed is currently leading projects with many educational institutions in Asia, Africa, and Europe promoting their global visibility and international ranking. These tasks include the establishment of sustainable communication means with the clients, leading teams of experts to conduct the necessary gap analysis, and design the most appropriate and sustainable solutions as well as managing and supervising their implementation.

Key Skills

Mohammed is competent in leading the development and  Implementation of long and short-term strategies to promote and enhance the quality of academic programs within the institution by creating an environment conducive to intellectual academic development and research growth. His expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainable Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mobile and On-line Learning
  • Governance & Communication
  • International Research & Publication
  • Team Leadership
  • Knowledge-Informed
  • Decision Making

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