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Human Resources Consultancy

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Organization Design and Development

Our ability to bring expertise to this critical business process is strong. Our team has extensive experience in higher education including government and private sector.

With the rise of the online learning and digital campuses, professional utilization of resources is required to achieve the optimal results in alignment with the new higher education dynamics organization design.  Restructuring and development starts with a comprehensive analysis and assessment for the university in order to understand the strategic direction, culture, challenges, business processes and the workload.

From this we can determine how and where greater performance and alignment can be achieved across the organization. We develop detailed process workflows, functional descriptors and job descriptions that detail accountability and responsibility at each level of the organization.

Developing HR Strategy

Our approach is focused on helping you develop an HR strategy that is aligned to and helps you deliver your organization strategy and the accreditation requirements as well It all starts with identifying and mapping key HR priorities in line with the business needs. We provide support in the design and implementation of overall HR strategy aimed at attracting, hiring, retaining, training and engaging high potentials.

Developing HR Policies and Procedures

We develop tailored HR policies covering all aspects of the employment lifecycle from talent acquisition, development to exiting. We develop new policies and review and update existing policies always ensuring your policies are legally compliant and aligned to higher education best practices and to the accreditation bodies. We offer support to managers and HR teams in implementing new policies, procedures and business processes.

Competency Framework Development and Competency-based Learning  & Development

We can develop a complete competency framework including all job families, behavioral, leadership and functional or technical as per international standards in higher education including admin and academic staff.

We will help you to asses the current staff competencies, identify gaps and develop PD strategy to develop organizational capabilities. We can help develop professional development strategy as per the relevant regulatory authorities requirements.

Performance Management System

We develop competency-based performance management framework, align departmental objectives to the organization strategic goals and objectives, develop objective bank, help you set clear objectives, measure contribution and drive skills development. We integrate performance management into your day-to-day business operations so it becomes part of how you work.

Career Development and Succession Planning

We help universities by developing career development and succession planning framework, run assessment centers, develop individual career development plans, leadership development programs, identify critical roles, successors, future leaders and consistent performers.

We have a full range of services to support recruitment procedures from talent acquisition, retention to career development and coaching.

Learning & Development

We offer a full range of learning and development solutions:

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