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Dr. Ahmed Ghonim

  • Director of Academic Programs & Applied Research
  • President, Higher Education Consultant and Executive Chairman.
  • Education: Ph.D. & MSc. in Production Planning & Design Management
  • Academic Rank: Full Professor

Professor Ghonim has occupied a lot of leadership positions in the academic institutions in different countries over the last 20 years, acting as a University President for two different universities in UAE over the last 10 years, Executive Board Member of Higher Education Institution, Managing Director of IT and software development company in Egypt and Information Technology Consultant in (UNDP), Director of Academic Programs & Applied Research in Federal Institution and currently holds the position of Executive Chairman of SPECS Education Consultancy Services, UK.

Professor Ghonim was the team leader in many accreditation projects in both institutional and programs’ levels. He also has a great experience in international accreditation with a lot of accrediting authority bodies such as SACS-CO, AACSB. ABET, and ASCP.

Key Skills
  • Reviewing Quality Assurance
  • Education Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT-needs Planning
  • SIS Development
  • E-Learning
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Instruction in Industrial Engineering
  • Design, Development & Delivery
  • Leadership
  • Policies & Procedures Development.
  • Academic Consulting
  • International Accreditation Experience
  • Operation Project Management

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