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Dr. Oualid Ali

  • Positions’ Summary: Director of the Training and Smart Solutions Center (TSSC) German University of Technology, Founder and President of, and Future Academy.
  • Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science (Minor Information systems) and MSC. Computer Science (Minor Information systems)
  • Academic Rank: Full time Director and Professor

Dr. Oualid Ali has participated in several projects related to variousfields Future Foresight Strategist of as a researcher, consultant, or trainer. Specifically, within the field of Smart cities, he has been involved in the planning and implementation of several future cities projects in various verticals such as “Smart mobility, Smart Education, Smart tourism, Smart energy, Smart health, Smart logistics, Smart waste management, Smart water management, Smart security, Smart policing, Smart buildings & Infrastructure, etc.” to mention few.

He has given several training and seminars related to these fields. Dr. Oualid is a member of several organizations related to the area of Future foresight, Future and Smart Cities or Urban technologies. As a global speaker and world traveler, he has been invited, as keynote or guest speaker, to several local, regional and international events.

Key Skills

Dr. Oualid works every day across the world attending several local, regional and international smart cities events as a guest or keynote speaker, providing several consultancy services related to the field of Future (Smart) cities, technologies, innovation and Future, and providing several training courses and programs related to the field of Future Cities (smart, sustainable and innovative cities), technologies, trends, innovation and the future.

  • Future Foresight Strategist,
  • Big Data
  • Project Management
  • Smart cities,
  • Future Cities (Smart, Sustainable and innovative Cities)
  • Digital Transformation,
  • GeoSpatial Technologies
  • Trends watching,
  • BIM technologies
  • Public Speaker
  • Emerging Technologies & Innovations,
  • Smart Logistics
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0,
  • MultiAgen GeoSimulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Training and capacity building
  • Strategic Planning

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