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We measure our success through the positive impact on our individual client’s institution performance, progress, and academic ranking. This means that we seek to provide the greatest “value-add” to organizations and institutions based on local and international standards.

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Who We Are

SPECS is a UK based consultancy company promoting quality for higher education through providing relevant,  innovative, and sustainable solutions that  assist and support the institutional development paving the way for the provision of the required excellence in higher education.

Relying on the vast wealth of experience of its world class international experts and external consultants, SPECS provide professional development and consulting services to private and public sector higher education institutions in the GCC region, the wider Middle East, and Asia.

SPECS Academy

SPECS Academy is a leader promoter of professional development offering innovative high quality learning experiences, framed against latest Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership, for all professionals in higher education industry. Guided by values of SPECS Education Consultancy & Research Studies, we are entirely dedicated to excellence and aiming to advance professional development to the highest possible levels of achievement.

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