About Us

SPECS is a UK based consultant company promoting quality for higher education through providing relevant,  innovative, and sustainable solutions that  assist and support institutional development paving the way for the provision of excellence in higher education.

The mission of SPECS is to provide professional development and consulting services to private and public sector higher education institutions in the UAE, the GCC region and the wider Middle East. SPECS services encompass the entire range of world class international experts and external consultants with diversified portfolios to design and lead tailored executive development projects.


Our Mission

SPECS mission is to provide outstanding services to educational institutions and excellent professional opportunities ensuring cross-border transfer of international best practices to managers, directors, and educators, instilling the knowledge, skills, and capability for sustainability and character building necessary for continuing success.


Our Vision

SPECS vision is to be the most reputable and trusted partner edging the quality of higher education in the developing countries of Asia, EMEA, and GCC.


Our Values

Serviceable Excellence 
Excellence in service is our driving force, and the primary metric by which we value our business. This means we will continue to grow in order to be a more resilient organization providing our clients and associates with enormous opportunities only limited by excellence.

Means-tested Success 
We measure our success through the positive impact on our individual client’s institution performance, progress, and academic ranking. This means that we seek to provide the greatest “value-add” to organizations and institutions based on local and international standards.

Inspirational Leadership 
We seek to inspire our clients to perform at their best in whatever they do by providing enriching environments that support their constant pursuit for development and excellence.